Our Matric Winter School is a comprehensive three week course run during the school holidays. It covers the entire Physical Science Syllabus.

The first two weeks of the course will cover all the material for term one and two. This is an opportunity to revise what you've already learned and then fill in the gaps. The third week will be for going over past papers. We will prepare you for questions and what to expect in the final exams. We will also teach you exam tips and techniques.

Our goal is to help you achieve your best results! If you would like to book please fill in the form below. Space is limited.


The course will be taught has been developed by Nick Hiltermann (BSc UCT, BComm Wits). Nick is a highly qualified and experienced science teacher who has taught learners from Grade 5 to Matric science. He has also lectured University level mathematics and science, Cambridge AS and A levels, IB (American Syllabus) as well as specialized aeronautical Science and Maths to Engineers at Base 4 in Cape Town.


Week 1

Day 1 - Momentum and Impulse

Day 2 - Equations of Motion

Day 3 - Work, Energy & Power

Day 4 - Organic Molecules

Day 5 - Organic Reactions, Plastics & Polymers


Week 2

Day 6 - Doppler Effect

Day 7 - Reaction Rates

Day 8 - Acids & Bases

Day 9 - Electrochemistry

Day 10 - Electrochemistry

Week 3

Day 11 & 12 Exam Preparation - Paper 1

Day 13 & 14 Exam Preparation - Paper 2

Day 15 Exam Preparation/ Class Questions